Laptop Battery Maintenance

You must have known that the laptop power supply’s standby time will be greatly shortened, if it has been used for a long time. After the long time use of the laptop power supply, it will lose its good capacity. As a laptop user, you must pay attention to keeping good maintenance of your laptop power supply. The main reason for the low power supply of your laptop power supply is that the internal electric resistance increased that will lead to the faster voltage arising at the time of recharging. This phenomenon will mislead the charge controlling system in battery to display full charge of it. It is time for you to take action to keep maintenance of your laptop battery. a guide to laptop maintenance from

 There are many ways for you to maintain to a good condition. One important way is to use the battery refreshing software to retrieval the battery’s discharging time. Laptops of most brands will contain battery refreshing program which can be used to revive your power device. Due to the frequency inappropriate discharging and recharging, the standby time of our power device has been greatly shortened as to less than 5 minutes. The portable laptops will totally lose its advantage. For the woks outside the office, people will find it really convenient with low capacity power device. If you follow the following steps, you will find it is easy to prolong your electrolytic cell’s standby time.

When you are going to use the battery refreshing program to revive your laptop battery, first you should prepare a ac adapter to be your laptop power supply. Then you are advised to restart your computer and then press the F8 key to enter into the safe Dos mode. That is just the beginning. At third step you should run the battery refreshing program to discharge your battery completely. After the battery discharging, you are advised to run the program again to finish the last step – battery refreshing, after the cooling of your voltaic cells. All of the steps is easy and almost automotive. There is a suggestion that you should repeat the above steps for at least 3 times to get extremely good performance.

In fact, there are some other factors that would lead to life shortening of it. Constituted by several cells, the utility of each cell will greatly influence the performance of the voltaic cells. After long time use, the cells in your voltaic cells have great possibility to get damaged. To fix this, you are advised to replace a new cell to regain the high capacity of your laptop battery. If you pay much attention to your daily use of your electrolytic cell and try to adopt the appropriate way to use laptops, you will successfully manage to prolong the life of your laptop battery.