About Laptops For Engineering Students In 2019

When a student is going for their first year of college, one of the most indispensable gadget they need is a laptop. Laptops are necessary because it helps the student to study better and efficiently. With Internet connected to the laptop a student has all the information possible which helps them to gather study material for their projects. Also, many basic to advanced design software make an important part of the student’s curriculum. Hence, a laptop is an indispensable gadget for students. Apart from academic purposes it can also help the student to communicate with friends or family though web chat. Laptops for college students should be light in weight, have good performance, and Internet access to help them research online. Here are some important specifications checklist and some tips on buying laptops. Recommended below are also some of the best laptops for students and some affordable models too. technofaq.org/posts/2019/08/best-laptops-for-engineering-students-in-2019/

Computer Specifications Checklist

One should buy a laptop for a college student keeping in mind the below specifications. Make sure you buy a powerful machine so that you don’t have to get it upgraded every few months.

Size: Laptop computers for college students should have a display monitor of 13 to 15 inches. The size should not be too big, because it might increase the weight of the laptop. A college student laptop should not be too heavy, as a student needs to carry it around the campus.

RAM and Hard Disk: A college student laptop should have a RAM of minimum 2GB, and a hard disk with a capacity of 160GB. A 2GB RAM will give good speed and performance. Also, a college student will require a laptop which will work well for at least the three years of his/her graduation. Today, everybody stores a lot of data on their computers. A 160GB hard drive will provide enough storage space for documents, e-books, music, movies, etc.

Graphics Card: A college student laptop should be able to do some basic photo editing. NVIDIA is well-known for its graphics card.

Looks: When computer shopping, choose a good looking laptop, as this is an important aspect for college students. There are many different colors and designs available in laptops.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying College Student Laptops

Many times you get stuck on deciding whether to go for a higher priced laptop loaded with features; or to buy the one which is efficient and priced less. You can get laptops for college students for around $1000.

Laptop for students should have features like Wi-Fi and bluetooth technology.

Students laptops should have a decent battery life of around 3 hours.

Before buying a student laptop, check if the laptop has got a sufficient number of ports.

It is advisable to fit an anti-theft device in the laptop.

Check for the upgrade-capacity of the RAM and graphics card, as newer versions of software and operating systems are heavier than their previous ones. These new versions eat up the RAM and hamper processing speed. So, you might need to upgrade your laptop in the future.

Look for a laptop with minimum 1 year warranty.

Also, check if you are getting any freebies with the laptop.

Top Laptops Choices for College Students

If you are a student studying computer graphics, then you will need a powerful RAM and a better graphics card. If you are studying business, then avoid a fancy, bright looking laptop. For engineering students a laptop which has a powerful RAM and large hard disk is necessary.

VoIP Business Phone Service Dallas

Voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, has revolutionized the way you can manage your business. VoIP business phone service offers significant advantages over traditional phone service, in that you get many more features at a much lower cost. What should you look for with the service you choose?

-Cost effectiveness

One of the major things you’re going to notice with just about any VoIP business service you choose is that it’s going to be much more cost effective for you than a traditional phone service. Because VoIP technology allows you to use Internet connectivity to access calls, you don’t pay the traditional long-distance fees you do with regular analog landline service. Have a look at Business Phone Services Dallas for more info on this. Be careful, though; when you look for providers of VoIP business phone service, there’s a lot of competition. You can use this to your advantage, in that you can often get service for less cost through independent providers versus your own ISP, for example.

-Quality of sound

Today’s business phone offer exceptional sound quality when compared to predecessors. In fact, because sound is processed digitally, its quality is often better than that offered through analog or traditional landline services.


These services have much more flexibility as compared to analog phone services. Although you’ll pay for an initial setup, it’s very easy to grow your phone service as your business grows, without a lot of extra trouble. In addition, the easy to use Web interface will let you handle a lot of the changes and additions yourself, for ease of use.


Today’s VoIP business phone service options offer features that are included with the base price or are available at a very nominal extra cost; this can save you significant money as compared to analog services. Some of these features include:

  • Call forwarding

Call forwarding is among the most important service options you can have. Because you may need to be flexible in that you may need to be “out and about” while you’re doing business, it may be important to you that you not be simply tied to one phone line, as is true with traditional setups. Call forwarding allows you to have calls forwarded to any phone when you choose, including your cell phone. That way, when someone calls the office, you can simply answer on your cell phone, even if you’re not “in the office.”

  • Voicemail

It’s important to you to be able to get your messages as you need to; with business phone services, you can access voicemail and can also add voicemail for more users when necessary.

  • Call screening or blocking

These business phone services let you screen or block calls as you need to. This can be especially important if you use an 800 number for your business. Because you pay for every call that comes in, you want to know that every call is from a customer or prospective customer who needs your assistance. Being able to screen or block calls as necessary means that you’re not wasting unnecessary time and/or money on telemarketers or other unwanted callers.

  • Internet fax capability

One of the most convenient VoIP business phone service options is Internet fax capability, especially if you receive a lot of faxes. This can be a cost-effective option to having a dedicated fax line.

As a small business owner, the usefulness of this type of phone service is evident. Staying on top of your business is essential to its success.